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    i know theres alot of threads where people ask for a computer that will run the game on high settings ive checked but unfortunately they all the links they left on newegg were sold out so now heres mine. my price range is 500-650 and im looking for a computer that will run and fps wont be a problem and im not computer literate to know wat to look for so for those who help thank you

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    You have enough money for one of the two graphics cards needed to run it lag free on high settings.

    You still need to budget for CPU / ram / mobo / case / psu / DVD rom / second video card
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    Check out bestbuy, tiger direct and read customer reviews on computers. I've gotten a big boost in fps just by upgrading power source. 20-24fps to 36-40fps. Also increasing memory will help fps, 3k for a start. Check out any local computer stores for super deals on graphics cards. Some small stores have prices slashed to compete with the 'Bestbuys' out there.
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