I have a small issue with the sound at the moment. It's more a personal annoyance than a bug, but at the moment the sound is "received" via the camera and not the character. For me it is a bit annoying as I have a tendancy to turn my camera while playing, even in combat. Which makes me sit with combat sounds in one ear and relative silence in the other (or sound swooshing around as I'm trying to keep an eye out for mobs or aoe etc.), where as if it was via the character, the character's facing influences the stereo direction of the sound (aka you can look at your character from the side, have the enemy on the right, but still have the sound in the middle as the character is facing the enemy straight on). It's not a big deal but if there is a way to change this (I vaguely remember it being that way at one point) I would appreciate a tip on how to.

Thanks alot