If Trion could please make it so that people wouldn't load IRL, that would be great. I'm thinking make the police officers not load, and maybe the cars around me on the highway, if they could not load for me on my way to work, that would be great.....mmmkay

Oh and while your at it, I would love to be told that its just my eye hardware that's causing this issue!!! or maybe if I re-install my eye drivers every time I open them, will I actually see what's there?

Ok, I don't know if its a bug or what, I have an epic machine, and I connect at 60ms constantly. This whole waiting 2minutes for any npc to load, or getting 3 loading screens just going from the porticulum to the manufactory is getting old, extremely fast.

I have tried re-installing/updating all drivers, nothing is over/under clocked. ANYWHERE other than meridian this NEVER happens, I have NEVER seen an npc not load ANYWHERE else.

It's quite clear this is related to the major cities. And I have one very simple fix:

You wouldn't even have to properly code your game to actually work, just disperse the load accordingly.

If there is a fix to this that i haven't found, i do apologize for the snotty post, but my patience is wearing thin with Meridian.....(hey that rhymed)