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Thread: Need computer part advice

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    Question Need computer part advice

    My computer is a few years old and even though I can play most games on Max I have a problem in rift with a lot of the options turned off when in a group setting or in a city with npcs loading slowly and frame rate drops, I have been a hardcore raider in previous games and it is frustrating I can barely do 5 mans with my hardware... Here are my specs, money is a little tight so what would you think the most economical upgrade for the most bang for my buck will be, thanks

    CPU: intel q6600 quad oc'd to 3.0 x4
    Ram: 6 gb, not sure what the MHz speed of whatever is standard for the time period of the CPU off the top of my head
    Mobo: nvidia 680i
    Gfx: nvidia 460 oc on 2 32 inch monitors
    800 watt power supply
    750gb hd

    Again money is an issue so I might have to do piece by piece over a period of time to get what I want as a "new system" but whats the best for a decent price I can slap in there to get a decent performance boost

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    You might try removing the second monitor. I had an issue where the second monitor was causing issue with my frame rate. Unless you actually require it for whatever you are doing besides playing Rift, I would give it a shot.

    I don't see a big issue with your hardware, it all seems adequate to me.

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