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Thread: Latency/connection issues

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    Angry Latency/connection issues

    When I connect to RIFT, it usually takes several tries. Often I'll get bad latency (anywhere between a couple hundred to +2k; it hit 36k at one point) that yoyos in the middle of attacks, when I interact with objects, trying to whisper someone...you get the idea. I often logout or force RIFT to shut down when hitting escape doesn't work. Sometimes I even try being patient, waiting five minutes and walking away while waiting for RIFT to disconnect me.

    It usually takes me several tries to get a stable connection to RIFT, if I'm lucky. The problem is more prevalent in the morning than evenings: evenings usually need two or three tries, mornings can be downright unplayable.

    Vent is somehow connected to the problem: Vent lag often comes through with a couple of minutes' delay.

    Occasionally the game tells me to recover my corrupted files - I'd say every three days or so. It doesn't seem to help.

    What's my problem? I'm on Rogers (Canadian and fails at gaming in general - Google Rogers and throttling); surfing to regular websites and running YouTube are fine (not while I'm running the game, though). The problem didn't appear until a few weeks ago. And short of reinstalling the game, what can I do to fix it?
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