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Thread: Probs with logon to account on Trion

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    Default Probs with logon to account on Trion

    I got a problem when I want to log on to visit my account info(paying, edit info etc.) it wants me to answer some security questions, the problems is I don't recall I did this at all and I can't get pass it, somebody got a suggestion to how to do so?

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    I swear i can quote this message at least 5 times per day, here goes once more

    Quote Originally Posted by Elrar View Post
    We have Customer Support 7 days a week with both phone and email hours:

    It's important when providing a secret question answer that you use an answer you'll remember - whether or not that's the case here I can't be sure, but we commonly see players who put in a random answer when this is a primary safeguard we have in place for your accounts protection.

    Customer Support will be able to assist you further in recovering your account, have a good weekend.
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