Righto, First post in the forum and it's one that I've seen several times here. I go to log in, password and e-mail and all that. No issue, then it asks me to answer two questions, awesome! I have these down pat "Fave person in History" and "Favourite teacher's last name"


Despite knowing, without a doubt that my favourite person in history is Cleopatra, and my favourite teacher was my science teacher from high school, it rebukes these answers. Okay, I try a different combo, no dice. Is this a known issue? I know for a fact what i put in, I screen capped it before submitting, and yet they aren't working.

I aim to call Trion when they open up, as I have a few other issues to address, but as a military serviceman in Japan this means staying up late, or waking excessively early. Any other tips and tricks before I call in?