I've played rift for about 2 month now and it was all go. But yesterday I tried to log on my main, and i found numerous bug.

1- Camera Freeze: When I try to move the camera left or right by using the right mouse click, it sometime freeze out, the game still run fine, but by character get stuck at looking only 1 specific direction until after many attemp it freeze out.
Similar to this(not my video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2crl1...eature=related

2- Sometime I cannot target an enemy right away, it take several second for my cursor to turn into a attack icon.

3- My racial, Bhami leap, also has some issue, sometime it wont let me leap at all, sometime the distance is mess up, as in: i can leap to 5-10 feet in from of me but not further than that.

As I said, i never had any problem with rift until now on this computer. The only thing I recently did before rift became unstable was to install Sanctum on steam.

I've tried a recovery but it did nothing, gonna attemp some more stuff and see if anything helps.

Hmm..btw, Is there a way to reinstall Rift without having to redownload the 9gig game ?