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Thread: Screenshots Taken Today not in Screenshots folder

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    Default Screenshots Taken Today not in Screenshots folder

    Here is what has changed:

    1. All of my computer is new except the "Now" D drive (Old C drive w/ Win XP on it, along with Rift Game folder), Video Card, Power Supply.

    2. My "New" C, I installed Win 7 and Cut/Paste my Rift Game Folder from the D drive to my New C:\Program Files(x86)/Rift Game

    3. The old Screenshots are in their appropriate folder in Rift Game, but I tried to take about 100+ SS today and none of them copied.

    Things I have tried:

    Right Clicked the Shortcut> Properties> Shortcut> Advanced> Run as Admin
    Right Clicked the Shortcut> Properties> Security> Set Full Control for all Permissions
    Right Clicked the Shortcut> Properties> Compatibility> Run program as admin + Changed Run program in compatibility mode for Win 7 (was set to Win XP SP3)

    1. Using Recover Option during Log in - Nothing was found wrong

    2. Changed Properties on the Rift Game Folder (Read Only is grayed check mark), applied changes to unchecked - The grayed check keeps coming back. I have turned off UAC, restarted, and retried..same thing occurs. Turned UAC back on.

    3. Used run prompt to try to remove the read only attribute with the following command line:

    attrib -r c:\program files(x86)\rift game

    ---> also tried adding a /s to the end of the command to no avail. for all the sub folders. everytime I would get the response:

    Parameter format not correct - <-- this being the minus symbol

    4. Renamed the Screenshots folder to screenshots1 and relogged in, but the game did not remake the screenshots folder and screenshots are still not being stored.

    Any help is much appreciated. The reason I am wanting my new Screenshots is I wanna try and make my own forum Sig and avatar and the free photoshop trial is 30 days
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    Could try running the repair tool and/or patcher directly to restore the registry settings which have some paths in them, it may fix it.

    Might also want to search around and see if its putting them somewhere completely odd.
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