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Thread: Action Bar Resetting 1.3 patch

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    Default Action Bar Resetting 1.3 patch

    Action Bar Resetting 1.3 patch

    I did not see anything on this, since the 1.3 patch my actions bars are resetting/going blank on my lvl 50mage. At first they would revert back to the previous action bar settings, now they are completely blank with the exception of Recall, Mount and my Agility perk. I have to go back in and re-do all my actions bars everytime I:

    -Switch specs

    I have run a recover and it finds nothing, quitting the game and reloading the client doesn't work. Not sure what to do. Each time I re-do my action bars I lock them but it doesn't help. i'm missing out on Raids, T2's and WF with my guild because I spend more time putting my action bars back then playing. At this point all I can do is craft. This seems to be happening since my pyro and chlor were reset due to changes in the patch. Anyone else having this problem?

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    I had the exact same problem (posted about it yesturday). I found a solution for me. Under the options just click the default button (setting everything to its original settings). Now my action bars are ok.

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