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Thread: FPS issues need some explanations

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    Default FPS issues need some explanations

    First off this is my Rig:

    Intel core 2 3.0ghz duo (OC to 3.6ghz)
    Nvidia Gtx 460 (OC aswell)
    4g ddr2 ram
    1920x1080 res
    750watt PS

    These are my settings at 53-61 FPS


    In city i get around 25-45 FPS depending on where i am. In Warfront it's anywhere from 20-40 depending on the people around me.

    The max load ever on my CPU is never above 75% and my GPU never goes above 80%.

    So this is the part where i am confused, I can turn everything all the way down (including Res settings tried them all) and have the exact same FPS even if i check low quality rendering. This just doesn't make sense to me if i lower the settings i should be getting better performance not the same?

    Any suggestions would be great because i'm really confused on this one. Rift really isn't a intense graphical game or anything. I run CoD, Fear 3, Eve, AoC, Warhammer and APB reloaded all on high setting without ever dropping below 40 FPS.
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    typically if you can raise/lower graphics or resolution and see noticeable differences its going to be your graphics card that is killing your performance. there are a bunch of CPU intensive options though which will eat your performance fast. things like shadows or ground clutter, and if your in a heavy populated area it can hit you hard.

    with my current setup i usually see around 40-50fps on ultra w/o shadows and aa. if i turn on just one of those options though i drop half that fps. which would be fine if i was soloing...but not for group content or raids.
    Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    Processor: Intel i7 960 @ 3.8Ghz
    Memory: 6GB DDR3 Triple Channel
    Graphics: Palit Geforce GTX 560Ti 2GB (Driver 301.24 BETA)
    Monitor: ASUS VE248 @ 1920x1080

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