I am always concerned about security issues in MMO's. More so here because of the earlier loophole that Trion fixed. Now in order to use the combat parser I have to download java. I want to know if I download java will that increase my chances of getting malware because the ease at which software can be made using java? Meaning can malware/keyloogers use java as a backdoor to your system without you knowing it.

Also I have my settings set to low rendering and I am at about 10 fps, I am afraid that if I run the combat parser I would go down to around 2 or 1 fps. I know my system is not the best for playing this game. I do not have the money to afford upgrading or getting a new computer. If I could I would glady do it. But still I would like to know just how much damage my warrior build that I have on test is doing. Any help would be appreciated.