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Thread: Another wierd authenticator issue

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    Default Another wierd authenticator issue

    So I've been having a lot of trouble logging in recently with constant incorrect password/key issues to the extent that much rage was induced & punching of computer desks.

    I even changed my password to something really simple (don't worry I've changed it to a strong one again now) as it was driving me nuts.

    It turns out tho that the issues is with the generated number on the authenticator on my iPhone.

    Basically I fire up the authenticator, type in my password & type in the number on the authenticator.

    Fairly straightforward one would think but........it turns out that whatever the onscreen number is when I fire up the authenticator this will ALWAYS fail to authenticate (no matter how much time left until it changes). Whereas if I wait for it to cycle to a new number then it will allow me to login.

    This happens every time I try to login now what gives?

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    The iOS authenticator has been patchy for the past week or so for me.
    This weekend it has been hit-or-miss if I can even log in, I get login failures whether I let the number cycle or not.

    Tomorrow I'm going to remove the authenticator from my account until they fix it.
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    I would just like to add, I sure hope they don't add something to this game before they add something else that is totally unrelated to the thing they might add, because that would really tick me off or something if they added it first before the thing that should be added first even though its totally unrelated like, you know?

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