There seems to be a lot of UI lag or something is this game, I can't quite figure out exactly whats wrong but it's making the game borderline unplayable. I can be standing perfectly still and hit a button to begin a cast and usually it'll take up to a full second before the cast bar pops up and fires off the spell. My latency to my server is always around 50-100 ms just like other games I play, have no issues like this on other games either. I don't notice other signs of lag in game, every thing seems good other than the UI and my spells. Any one else have this problem? Any settings I can try changing to help? I have full ability queue and it helps a bit in that my spells go off in the order I want, but still a huge delay even for the first cast. I know about the gcd and all that I've been playing mmo's for years and something definitely seems off here.