Since yesterday both me and my fiancée have been trying to load up our characters on the server Silkweb and keep crashing as we hit the play button to load in. We can log in just perfectly and get to the character screen the first time fine. But as soon as we try and load up the actual character, the game freezes and then crashes out giving us the option to send a report and restart game or just send a report. We have tried both options, the first giving doing what it is supposed to until we get to the actual character screen and then it freezes once again. The second we send the report reload Rift completely and it does the same thing all over again. This is really frustrating especially since I can log into a different server on one of my other characters just fine. I have been wondering if it was because both me and her are in stonefield and my other character is not. Please help us, I have opened up a gm ticket on my other character hoping to get a response.