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Thread: Rift in Linux (Wine) Help

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    Default Rift in Linux (Wine) Help

    So, I have a fresh install of WINE with WineTricks. I have vc2008 and dx9. The game patches fine, but when I click on Play, the patch notes refresh, the Play button turns to Cancel like it's going to play. But the button turns back to Play and never starts. Anyone have any ideas where I could even begin to trouble-shoot this? Thanks.

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    The solution to your problem might require you modify the source. Check the official WineHQ website to see if anyone has tried the game, any simple solutions are posted there.


    Beta: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManage...sion&iId=22195

    Good resources to start with. The game does seem to manage under WINE
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    I got Rift to run under Crossover with Linux but couldn't get it to run under regular wine. Even under Crossover though the fps was dismal (less than 10) so I went back to just running it under windows.

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