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Thread: Lag Spikes Since 1.2 Hotfix 3

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    Default Lag Spikes Since 1.2 Hotfix 3

    I've given this some time to fix itself, or Trion to do something about it. But when I am sitting outside of a town, say on the side of a cliff, chatting in guild and watching my latency and I see it spike to 500-1500 on a 'medium' server AT RANDOM I think there is something wrong.

    I've checked my connection every way to Sunday and its flawless to my ISP.

    This is an issue with the servers or with some sort of configuration client side.

    If anyone else is having this issue, let me know. If you have a solution to this issue, please let me know this as well. I am not afraid of a little file editing if you know what I mean.

    (My normal latency is approx 130 ms before the spikes)
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