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Thread: Item returns PvP and even token gear

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    Default Item returns PvP and even token gear

    I only pvp, so no idea if badge or tokens for pve gear.

    Any ways... mistakes happen.
    Like my silly butt. Being late at night, tired and excited to get that first rank 5 piece. And not paying attention and click the first boots I see and clicking ok. We all have stupid moments.

    I think there should be a period were you can refund gear. Also good if wanting to easily compare stats and what could be more useful by being able to put on and try out first.

    The first time this happened to me was a lag issue. So I of course asked to be refunded. I still want to for this because that's 60k favor. But feel less inclined to do so because this time I actually was not paying attention and was my fault.

    Any ways, this would be something I myself and maybe some others would like to see.

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    I believe that they are/have implemented a 30-minute refund period where you can sell back to the vendors. However, they also disabled that feature because of an exploit that many people took advantage of. So this feature should return once they remove the exploit. I think.

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