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Thread: Game Freezes after new patch

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    Default Game Freezes after new patch

    RIFT freezes after about 3 minutes of being logged into the game, and I get the error handler thing, it sends the information, etc. and it restarts the game. But in 3 more minutes, rinse and repeat...

    Any ideas? It's rather irritating. Now I have nothing to do tonight. :P

    PS - I always have to ctrl+alt+del out of it....
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    I'm getting something similar, but it actually shuts down my whole computer after a few minutes. This only happens when I play RIFT. I'm hoping someone else posts a fix.

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    Same Issue as above. With in 5 - 10 min after starting the game my entire system shuts down. At first I thought it was something with my system, but I have now tested several different games and the only time this happens is with rift.

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