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Thread: Rift On a Laptop

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    Default Rift On a Laptop

    My PC us a dual core 3Ghz with 4GB ram and a GTS8800 Ultra 512mb card, it runs rift barely but as i want to sell this old PC and get a laptop id like to get something that can run the game smoothly, anyone got any suggestions as to a make model price range?

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    Generally, laptops are not as good a deal for gaming, usually.

    I have an ASUS G73JH which plays rift pretty decently (smooth enough to play at ultra+ settings with a 1920x1200 external display). They're around 1k-1.3k. I think they replaced it with a newer model which may or may not be quite as good, though.

    On the down side, it's a gigantic and heavy machine.
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    The new version may be argued as better due to the new Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GPU (meaning it may be able to use Optimus.) However, it's also around $1700.

    It should be noted though that said system gets low benchmarks that would likely rate at around the equivalent in desktop CPU power with maybe a $100 GPU.

    Honestly if you have the money for a laptop you'd see far greater gain by doing even just a GPU upgrade to say a $175+ GPU. If you spent even 75% of what you would on a laptop on a desktop it would destroy the specs.

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    Default Laptop

    Asus G73sw is what im using, 1200 w/o tax 1500 with tax. runs on ultra 35 fps+ in world. 50-60 fps in dungeons.

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