Hey Community,

I have recently moved from WOW over to Rift cuz frankly its better over here. However I am having some issues with the mouse I used in WOW not working in Rift. I bought the steel series WOW mouse which obviously works fine in WOW since that is what is was designed for, but does not in Rift. The regular 6 buttons most mice come with work, but all the additional non traditional buttons seem to not be supported. I was hoping to get some Tech Support feed back on some solutions to get it working or confirmation the game 100% does not allow it.
In the case of it not being compatable I think its something Trion should look into b/c whether its the Steel Series WOW or another mouse alot of gamers enjoy multiple button mice.

Here is the link to the model I have:

I have also updated my drivers via. Windows 7 and it states it is up to date.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much