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Thread: Should AA kill my system?

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    Default Should AA kill my system?

    So I built a new computer, got rift and fraps installed. Turned everything up as high as it can go, AA to SS (the highest one). I was hitting 35-40 FPS, started recording on traps and running and I hit 20 FPS

    With my system shouldn't I be able to use SS and it be fine? If I put it to the middle AA I get 65 FPS and record with 45-50.

    Computer specs:
    i7 950 OC'ed to 3.7
    24 gb 1600 ram
    2x evga gtx 570 hd

    I'm using W7 Professional and a 40" samsung led LCD.

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    Fraps crits you for 20fps

    On a more serious note, fraps is a resource hog. Rfit has it's own video recording program, try that. Also try lowering your resolution. Your gpu's are taking a big hit with that 40"

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