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Thread: Can't log in on broadband account

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    Default Can't log in on broadband account

    I've seen this happen in a few threads now.I can patch no problems but when I press play I get to 91% and the game hangs there till it eventually times out. I used to be able to play on my broadband account till a couple of weeks ago. Here's the catch though- I can still play on a dial up account. Not much fun during any major event ( I can hit 4-5 minute latency and still not be disconnected- truly amazing) . Any thoughts on why I can play on dial up and not broadband given that my isp isn't blocking anything. All I can think of is I used to get coin locked whenever I switched connections so now I am wondering if Trion are blocking my broadband address as I originally logged in on the dial up account.

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    If you were locked you would recieve a coin lock e-mail. My guess is that its a port issue - who is your isp and what router are you using? Whats your location?
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