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Thread: Worth upgrading now?

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    Default Worth upgrading now?

    I'm considering a partial system upgrade(CPU, RAM, MB). Let me know if it'll be worth it for Rift or if I should just wait. If I wait, I'm waiting until early 2012.

    Here's what I'm using now:
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814143142 I plan on keeping this until next year.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820227289 x2

    I'm considering upgrading to the following:

    Will it be worth the money for this upgrade at this time? The only games I'm playing are Rift and most likely SWTOR eventually down the line.

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    Thats kinda like what im using now. Well i just got a new pc it only cost me 707 and 70 windows is in that price.
    Its not just an upgrade for Rift but it will be for all new games comming out, if you think it will be worth it id say go for it. unless new parts are comming out and youd rather save and get them.

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    the specs you have ATM should be more than you need to play Rift with decent FPS.
    upgrading wont help you in rift much more than... actually, it will barely help you at all.

    you might get a bit better FPS, but the spec you have now is good enough to bring you to a decent level of FPS. upgrading the GPU and RAM and CPU might have allowed you to play with shadows on full, but you might aswell just buy a new computer if you upgrade everything.

    upgrading the RAM+CPU+MB might not be really effective, unless you have new, CPU\RAM demanding games that you want to play, it might be good. as for the improvement you will see in rift? not much.

    edit: you will load MUCH faster tho, and if you hang around in highly-populated areas you will barely lose FPS. if those two are not an issue, i would recommend just staying with what you have and waiting until 2012.

    edit2: i have no idea what is SWTOR tho.
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    Ignore the poster above, he doesn't know what he's talking about. I'm not saying that to be rude, I'm saying that because I've got firsthand experience with nigh on exactly the same upgrade the OP is considering.

    Upgrading the CPU from the wolfsdale to the i5 2500k WILL boost his minimum fps, that's a guarantee. This is because in any but the quieter soloing situations the wolfsdale will begin to choke out. I had irregular fps in smaller towns and in raids/cities I got very big drops, sometimes to less than 10 fps, which borders on unplayable. Now the game is much much smoother all around and the minimum fps is pretty good even in the worst-case scenarios (like phase2/3 of the river of souls, where i went from a crawling 5 fps to 30+!).

    Pre-upgrade I was running:
    E8400 3ghz
    2x2gb OCZ GOLD 1066mhz RAM
    Gigabyte X48-DS4

    I upgraded to:
    i5 2500k 3.3ghz
    2x4gb Corsair XMS3 1333mhz RAM
    Gigabyte P67A-UD3 (B3)

    It made a huge difference to the minimum and average fps in busy areas. I went from 15-30 fps in Sanctum to 40+ and in invasions with 3+ raids onscreen I went from 5-20fps to 35+ fps. Out soloing I can now hit 60 fps constantly, whereas before it was usually around 45-50, so even there the CPU made a difference.

    As for gfx cards, the OP has a GTX280, I have a GTX470. Not directly comparable, but similar enough in performance range that yes his CPU is choking it in CPU-intensive situations and thus he will see a boost of the average and minimum performance from upgrading his CPU. It's all well an nice if you get 40 fps while soloing, but if the game turns into a near slideshow during raids and in cities no matter what settings you run I don't call that "sufficient".

    Also this game isn't the only one that will benefit from the upgrade. Many of the other games I have tried have seen boosts ranging from small to astounding. I can now run APB Reloaded maxed out at a constant 60fps, while last year it was only just chugging along on my wolfsdale. Running LOTRO maxed out at 60fps everywhere (before I was lucky if I got 35 fps in the cities). Dragon Age 2 is one of the few games where I've only experienced a minor boost in performance in comparison.

    PS: on the RAM, you didn't specify if you were planning to get 2 or 4 sticks, but I would advise going for 8gb instead of 4gb, since RAM isnt that expensive compared to the other parts and its worth investing in for futureproofing. If you get 8gb now you can get yourself a nice kit of 2 sticks of 4gb, which will be faster than running 4 sticks of 2gb (since 2 sticks you can put in a single dual channel setup, meaning it's all read from at the same time).
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