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Thread: Trion, you REALLY have to fix this, authenticator

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    Default Trion, you REALLY have to fix this, authenticator

    This is NOT ok. If i want to remove the authenticator i should be able to do so without having to call you. I use a custom rom on my phone and it get's updated fairly often (atleast once a week) calling you every time i update it is just not an option just to make sure it doesnt get screwed up by me updating my phone. So we should be able to remove it ourselves.

    Simple solution, make us enter a authenticator code on the page and then we can remove it.

    Hello xxxxxxx!

    Thank you for contacting us regarding RIFT.

    In order to assist you with your request, we will need you to verify ownership of this account. Please contact Account Support at 1-877-708-7466. (International numbers can be found here: http://trionworlds.custhelp.com/app/...478/kw/contact )

    If you have any additional questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for your continued support of Trion Worlds and for playing RIFT. Your reference number for this question is 110429-001971


    Account & Technical Support
    Trion Worlds Inc.

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    tbh I don't think they should bother.

    it's your choice to use a custom ROM on your phone and update it everytime a new release is out, however you are in a small minority, and atm the dev's focus is with the majority - in game content & fixes etc.

    they answered the call for more security and they did that, and then made it even more secure by asking for human contact to remove this security feature.

    maybe in the future they'll add such a feature, but at the moment it is & should be quite far down the to-do list.

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