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Thread: You are not running the correct version of the game. ..

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    Default You are not running the correct version of the game. ..

    found a way to fix the problem. It worked for me and its kind of a pain

    i switched my region to europe and then it patched
    i then switched back to NA region and recovered
    then it patched normaly and i got into NA servers fine

    I took this advise from Xanbar and this fixed my update issue. Thank for posting..

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    Nice find indeed.

    Although I wonder if this might only work when there has only been a patch to the game itself and not the launcher?

    Sometimes the launcher itself also needs updating, if that happens it may depend on whether the launcher is able to roll itself back with the recover button or not.

    If you do a lot of switching back and forth between regions and want to be completely safe it's probably best to just make a backup of the Rift game folder in its entirety and put it somewhere safe. If recover fails when switching back to regions with an older version, you can always restore from the backup.

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