My computer ran rift fine, but my girlfriend's game kept crashing after about 2 minutes of play. It was really frustrating, and since I saw a lot of people posting on here that their system crashed a lot too, I just assumed it was the game. BUT, Why her and not me? The question led me to work on her computer for countless hours, and I found the solution.

This won't work for everybody, but restart your computer. At your motherboard screen before windows loads up, press f10 or f8 or DEL or whatever gets you to your BIOS. Somewhere on that screen, there should be a number displaying your CPU Frequency, which will look like this ---> 3890mhz. Make sure that number is NOT greater than your CPU can handle. IE, make sure your computer isn't overclocking.

I'm sure more tech saavy people can provide input, and can criticize my knowledge of computers, but all I had to do was lower her frequency to what her processor could handle and now she runs rift perfectly.

I hope this helps some people. If you need me to elaborate, it'd be my pleasure, but i'm sure by the point anybody replies to this, somebody will be reading it that knows more about computers than I do.