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Thread: General Steps For Low FPS Issues

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    Compared to older times game is not working good (my opinion). Earlier like 1 year ago I have Windows 7 64 bit and I was getting high fps compared to 10. Is that windows fault or optimisation really dying ?

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    GTX 960 4GB 128 Bit
    16 Gb Ram
    120 GB SSD (Game inside)

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    Games change over time. They get more and more demanding resource wise. You cannot expect to play even the same game with same fps you played some time ago. Content adds up, drivers change, they get more optimization the more recent they are and the olders ones are left behind with the development. Your spec doesn't seem to old but you will defenately won't play on ultra-high / high anymore for more than 1 year considering the advances in technology. Also hardware getting olders means lower performance. You can't expect the same machine to perform the same it was brand new even if you do regular maintenance [ hardware and software ] . Also Windows 10 does affect plenty games performance wise. For example I have similar spec as yours and on Windows 10 on most game i get 10 to 30 fps lower. On some I get higher. Windows 10 lacks optimization with DX9/10 and focuses on DX11/12 and Vulcan replacing OpenGL

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