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Thread: If you have constant crashing or chronic corrupt data, please read.

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    Default If you have constant crashing or chronic corrupt data, please read.

    Since patch 1.1 I have had non-stop game crashes ranging from 30 seconds apart to 2 hours. It was maddening. I also have been getting the "corrupt data" message EVERY time I log in to the game. After reading at least 50 different threads on here and trying everything (swapping video cards, different video card drivers, different hard drives, anti virus on and off, countless recoveries, settings tweaks) I finally caved and wiped my computer to start over. After a few days of playing I have not had a single crash nor have I once seen the corrupt data message. The ONLY difference in my configuration now is that I have not yet installed Windows 7 SP1. There are crash reporting forums on SP1 dating back to beta but somehow I missed them before. These same forums will tell you that uninstalling SP1 will not cut it, only a wipe and never touching it will do the trick. Hopefully this will save some of you the hair loss that I have experienced. If this does not fix your problems, then I am sorry both for wasting your time and your ongoing frustration. Best of luck everyone, happy gaming.

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    I too did a complete wipe and am getting by so far, (although it still hangs at 93% sometimes on the loading screen, but not the minute or so like before). The one thing I'd like to point out is that I downloaded SP1 AFTER my Rift was crashing(before the wipe) and it didn't seem to help or hinder. Once it started crashing I was checking all updates to make sure everything was up to date when I realized I hadn't downloaded SP1 yet. I think there was some communication problem with a Windows 7 update and Rift update, but I don't think it was SP1. I've yet to put any windows updates in since the wipe and am in no hurry to.

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