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Thread: Please Help-Out of ideas

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    Default Please Help-Out of ideas

    No matter what I do I have almost unplayable lag mostly 2-6k. I have had my Isp investigate, put in to support @ Trion. I thought it was my connection, but just today I hiked my box down to my mates house, connected via cable to his cable modem(1 gig lan).

    Sitting right next to the router and his box I get the same lag (yet he and his wife games are normal). It seems no matter where I am with my box its still the same awful lag. I have updated all my drivers, used my different network cards (hardwire and wireless), used leaktrix and tcp optimizer, taken all that back off and used Battleping.

    Diabled my virus scanner, firewall, scanned for virus and adware, deleted and re-installed the game. In Australia we get about 200-250ish pings to server so anything in game like that would be well playable. Get no packet loss on pings and no losses or outrageous ping hops in tracert. Get quite good FPS in game so no graphics troubles at all.

    Everything looks good, up to date and plays well, yet still have this ridiculas lag. Since im playing right next to my mate on his link and network (and not just at my own house with different ISP), with him getting 250ish latency and im still getting my rotten lag, I can only assume it is my pc, not my home con.

    But if it is I have run out of ideas of what the heck could be causing this lag if it is down to something wrong with my PC.
    Anyone have any ideas or anything else I could possibly try, cos I just cant see ANY reason at all for me getting such lag and nothing so far has fixed it. Anyone think of anything it could be, its driving me insane

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    So any ideas...anyone?

    As he said he's connected our network and even though we are on Optusnet with crappy lag Battleping rectifies it for us while his stays pretty much unplayable even with it, we are assuming its his rig but when he is at a 600-900 latency it runs 'smoothly' enough so any ideas as to which if any of his onboard stuff could be causing this?

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