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Thread: Can't press 3 keys at once?

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    Default Can't press 3 keys at once?

    I'm having trouble pressing multiple keys at once. When I move up and to the right ('e' and 'f' for me with ESDF) it does not let me press the tab key. If I change my keybinding to the traditional WASD it works fine. I am using a G15. Is this a problem with the keyboard itself or is there something I can do to fix it?

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    You can try to press that multiple keys on notepad to see if they can register at the same time.

    Or if there is special keys involved, you can download some keyboard-test programs. They show you on screen which keys are pressed at the moment. So you can judge if it's the keyboards' problem or game's.

    BTW I wouldn't be shocked if G15 cannot register 3 key strokes at the same moment, it's not mechanical and connected via USB afterall

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    I think the g15 keyboard only supports multiple key presses on the "wasd" keys. But dont hold me to it.

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    Good way to test if it's your keyboard: Hold both shift buttons and type "THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG"

    For example, on my G15:


    In other words: not very good.

    Here's some more info on it. http://www.microsoft.com/appliedscie...Explained.aspx
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