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Thread: Patcher always connecting to Port 80

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    Question Patcher always connecting to Port 80


    I just wanted to download patch 1.1 and recognized (for the 2nd time) that the patcher is quite slow.
    I've got a 50MBit/s connection and everything runs just fine, but the patcher doesn't.
    The first time i saw the slow speed it was only a ~15MB patch, so I wasn't really suspicious, but now, ~500MB and only 90kb/s - 150kb/s.
    So I looked at my router configuration and it is OK, but looking at the connections of riftpatch***.exe, I wondered.
    All of its connections are through port 80 (and some 443), whereas it should be 6900-6929, I believe.

    So: how can I change the behavior of the patcher? I tried restarting, restarting the router, etc...


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    they changed the ports a long time ago back in beta.

    to my knowledge they are 6520-6540 tcp and 80 tcp.
    try changing your config and see if that helps.
    Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    Processor: Intel i7 960 @ 3.8Ghz
    Memory: 6GB DDR3 Triple Channel
    Graphics: Palit Geforce GTX 560Ti 2GB (Driver 301.24 BETA)
    Monitor: ASUS VE248 @ 1920x1080

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    haha...thank you

    i found that the information i gathered in german support before patching is outdated, it shows:

    RIFT™ setzt voraus, dass die TCP-Ports 6900 bis 6929 für jeden auf das Spiel bezogenen Netzwerkverkehr freigegeben sind.
    and in english support:

    RIFT requires TCP ports 6520 through 6540 for all network traffic related to the game.

    well...time to update your german support sites TRION ;)

    thank you heavymetallucidity, im gonna try this one out

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