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Thread: AoE target lag

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    Default AoE target lag

    The game runs smoothly and I'm stable at about 30 fps barring the largest battles.

    I'm getting a delay on the targeting reticle on my AoE spells and some times when I click on the button with my mouse to fire the spell, I wont get the reticle at all. When the target does show up I often have to click on the ground several times to get the spell to fire.

    Is there a setting on my end I can tweek to fix this? Very annoying. I remember this happening in Warhammer early on and even they managed to fix it.

    any help or information on what is causing this or how I might be able to fix it would be great.


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    Yas got this aswell, tho I've found a work-around, it's It's all about rhytm

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