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Thread: False E-mail please confirm

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    Default False E-mail please confirm

    I recieved this in my email PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE LINK im only posting because i wanted to find out if this is just a scam and if it is to let others know about it..

    "Trion Worlds Support" <noreply@trionworlds.com>


    In order to complete this request, please open the verification email sent to XXX @ yahoo.com and click the enclosed link.

    Please note that once you change your email address, you will need to use the new address to log into Account Management and all Trion games.

    If you did not request this change, please contact Trion Support immediately through our support center at http:// www. trion-account then .com trying to break it up so its not clickable

    Trion Worlds
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    I got a strange one today saying that a support account has been set up for me and to activate it I had to go to a link and enter pw. It "looks" as if it came from the customer help company or whatever that crap is that works for Trion. As I did have a conversation with a rep yesterday regarding lag etc on the phone and then I got this mail.

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    I got the same email as the OP the other day. I did not click the link. Next day, my account was gone.

    Took about 10 minutes with tech support to get my account back and all I lost was a few plat, so I got lucky.

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    Of course it's fake.

    Why in the world would Trion ask you to go to a site called trionaccount-then? If it isn't the official Rift website, then it's fake.

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