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Thread: Kicked back to character screen, people not moving

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    Default Kicked back to character screen, people not moving

    This is for all those people that are having issues with getting disconnect and kicked back to the character. This is also to do with people logging in and seeing people not moving in the world. I went through all the ping test and trace routes Trion suggested and nothing worked, all test came back perefect. I tested my internal network and was fine. I also made sure no torrents were being downloaded, and nothing like that was happening. The game seemed to be losing connection from Trion server. I have no firewall on like most of you have test, I have an AV running turned off and still was getting disconnects. Since I work in the technical Field, I know shutting off AV does not shut all components offf. SO what I have done is removed the AVAST AV and since doing this I no longer have these strange disconnects and kick backs to character screen.
    So uninstalling this AV resolved my issue.

    I hope this helps all of you resolviong your issues.

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    To fix my constant disconnects to the character selection screen, I set my PcTools Internet Security to "game mode" and then completely disable the firewall section of it. This is the only thing which allows me to play, since the coin lock system started.

    Clearly, it's an issue with the coin lock system. What exactly, we don't know, because Trion won't even acknowledge that there is a problem. They've ignored every single thread about this issue and their telephone customer support claims to have no reports of any problem like this, in spite of the fact that I and several others have contacted them about this exact issue.

    I think it is outrageous that we have to turn off our internet security in order to play a game which stopped working for us precisely because they instituted a system to stop hacking issues. So we're forced to open ourselves up to security issues because Trion can't effectively handle a problem they created? It's obscene.

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