Is there any way to make my sound and video settings stay as i put them?
I log in and the game is fullscreen mode. I set it to windowed and resize it but the next time i log in it's fullscreen again.
While in the ingame config, i set all the graphic options to the lowest setting in order to maintain my staggering 10fps, but when i log in again they've reset to default.
I've tried the launcher settings and set it to windowed there, click save and click back, when i log in it's still in fullscreen.
I've tried editing the Rift.cfg file to use windowed mode and this worked for one login but after logging out and in again it's back to fullscreen.

As for the sound, i log in and everything is cranked up to a deafening 90. I set all of these sound settings to 50 and low and behold, when i log out and back in they're 90 again.

I've tried running as administrator and running without administrator, this doesn't have any effect.

All in all i like the game upto now, but if i'm going to have to configure the game after everytime i go afk for fifteen minutes, I really can't see my staying interested for long.