I want to start by saying this beeping sound is NOT, I repeat, NOT...my computer beeping, not from the board itself, its through the speakers.

It varies in different zones, not the sound itself, just if I can hear it or not.

Its a beeping noise, that fades in and out kinda rapidly. Sounds like a smoke detector going off,but a little slower and faintly. The sound throbs...but only in some zones. I noticed it by luck...got a phone call, turned down my volume, and when i finished the calls i turned my volume back up (speaker volume) and heard it. Kinda like static that you dont notice until its quiet. =(

I also noticed that it has to be environmental. As I was in a zone listening to this sound, running around killing stuff, I swam through water...when my camera went under water, I noticed the sound was completely gone, then above water, right back

Anyone else have this annoying sound?