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Thread: Broken Saga (Story) questline

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    Default Broken Saga (Story) questline

    I had the quests from Asha Catari, "The Saga of the Endless : The shores of Freemarch", and i had three of the quests completed, but did not do the 4th. I ended up dropping them all to go to Stonefield.

    Not that i have been 50, i am now trying to go back and do them, but Asha does not have any quests for me.

    I have deleted all my quest items from my bags and bank.
    I have dropped every quest in my log.
    I even ran the "recover" utility.

    Any advice? Solutions? Input?

    Sorry for posting this here, but i do not see any Cs forums, and my ticket in game will take weeks it seems.
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    ask in general and find someone freshly on the quest, i forget who actually starts it but it wasn't asha IIR. (get the person to share it with you)

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    Go into the middle arch in Meridian and use the teleporter until you get to the room with the Faceless Man. He either has the quest or the chick next to him does. I just finished this quest chain myself after dropping them a few weeks ago.
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