Hi, im lvl 33 rogue (sab/rang/assassin)2nd spec(rift/rang/blddncr) now and am starting to get annoyed with only knowing my class basically... besides spells not being defined enough(im sure in time diff story),i can not see buffs on people
3 issues im having with buffs I need help with
1.spells i cast on enemies, i cant read what they do( not sure if i blasted 3(356 reduc) or 4(472 reduc) stacks on my armor reduc).
2.most annoying and problam 1 is same but all buff on enemies i can only see the icon(picture) . when i highlight with mouse it has no display of what it does(anything on myself on other hand i put mouse over it tells what it does) this confuses me for i cast my buff on people and cant read it unless i check myself.this also makes it impossible to find out what any debuffs or self buffs anyone else has/does(minus the pretty picture).maybe to easily clarify u heal yourself over time and all i see is a picture no words ,for all i know its a absorb 10 dmg item .
3.i can only see debuff pics that i put on enemies not others...
this im thinking isdeep in options overlooked by me but i hit default and no and my friend hit default and it all worked fine... as far as i know i cant find anyone else with same problam but collective ive asked maybe 30 in total..
sorry for bad grammer but please help game is great having allot of fun but this is very bothersome