An issue has occured in different zones of rift since last night/morning. For me personally its combat, loot and talking to npc related. Theres a huge delay whenever a combat spell action is chosen, the message "action pending" comes up. Weird thing is that healing spells and buffs are instant like they should. When talking or looting everything opens slower. It is not a connection issue, and have been experienced by more and more players in the zones of Iron peak and Moonshade, might be more zones but havent tested. Shimmering and Freemarch is working as intended. People have sendt gm tickets, but since the player support is non existent i thought posting this might make Trion come up with some hotfix(if they are reading this at all. Dont know if its server related, but servewr is Mordant for me anyways. If any player is reading this and experiencing similar issues, post zones youve been in and server, if enough posts perhaps they will do something. Things are now unplayable.

We require action Trion (and for the love of all the gods, fix the sound freeze/stutter you never fixed in beta, players are still experiencing it)