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Thread: Big problem...

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    Default Big problem...

    Hey guys, i dunno if anyone else has this problem or its just me, but i cant get onto rift no more. I was having problems with the game freezing after 5 minutes of playing and just running around in silverwood, then all of a sudden the screen would freeze up (except the mouse) and about a minute later it would completely quit out and bring up the error screen (send + restart or just send (or something like that).

    So i hit recover after that happening about 5 times in a row... And about 20% of the way through "Checking local files" it stops... sits there for about a minute, and then an error comes up saying "Cannot recover at this time. Please try again in a few minutes. (Error #1012.)

    Any ideas as to how i could fix without having to download again? (and restarting the PC... already tried a gazillion times )

    Thanks guys

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    alot of people haveing this issue.some say reinstalling game works or downloading off net reinstall might help.im in the same boat as u.tried reinstalling from disk but got same error so trying the net version.it sucks i buy the game,play it one day and its been unplayable for over a week and a half now

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