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Thread: Help with optimising my Graphics Settings.

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    Default Help with optimising my Graphics Settings.

    I've got a crap CPU but a great GPU.

    Lemme post the specs for you;
    Core 2 Duo @ 2.2mhz ( i think)
    Radeon 5770 HD
    4gb Ram

    It's not a bad computer apart from my processor so i'm just trying to get the most out of what i've got till i can get a new ram, mobo and processor. I'm currently sitting at 30fps battle and populated areas - 50fps questing. I've figured out that textures do little harm to the CPU but what else?

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    Hey there.

    Lowering all the distance related stuff is a big help, CPU wise.

    And not meaning to dissappoint you but 5770 is hardly a great card mate ;-) Getting 50 FPS while questing is already a very nice performance I would say (depending on your resolution, of course)

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    A 5770 is just fine. Gotta love when ppl force-feed their unwanted opinions down your throat.

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