First up thanks for the email from tech on the coinlock. The patch seems to be working now. Anyway three annoying glitches...

First: Clothing changes colour and I have to relog to clear. Seems the browns go to white and white go to browns.. And the others just go brown.
Second: I keep losing my character sheet. At first I lose just part but now Im losing it all. Started a few days ago and now happens each session at least once.
Third: Losing the command mouse icon symbol. I can still click on the item but there is no hand or other pointy thingy. Again if I relog all comes back.

And finally we were trying to clear a rift last night and it would not clear. We found a fire creature stuck in a tree that we could not kill. Just see his hands. Would that have prevented the clear. Just that we were in a group and had worked hard for it and so annoying with it not clearing.


Can the character sheet open first on your gear page. Or is that a setting.