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Thread: FPS running boot camp on mac

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    Default FPS running boot camp on mac

    Running Rift on my mac book pro (Duo Core 2.66GHz 4G RAM). Seem I can only run on low video settings for any decent FPS performance (24 FPS). When I go to the "medium" setting, graphics look great but FPS plummets to 8 making the game unplayable. I love the game and would love to take advantage of the better graphics. Any ideas on how I can improve this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerling View Post
    Any ideas on how I can improve this?
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    You're likely running into a throttling process where the machine underclocks the CPU and GPU to manage heat, hence why it starts off nicely and plummets after some period of time. That's unfortunately the case with many laptops, especially ones not really designed for gaming.

    I believe you can go in the power management options and disable throttling, allowing the machine to run at full speed all the time (when the AC is plugged in at least); just make sure the ventilation is efficient, otherwise you're going to have a meltdown on your hands.

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