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Thread: Need some help with my FPS

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    Default Need some help with my FPS

    I am running Rift on a high end rig and well my FPS is horrible in this game.
    No matter what I change it remains terrible during certain events.
    About every game I play I can run on high settings with 60 FPS but here I am dropping to 20-30.

    I will just put the basics of my rig.
    I have no issues with my PSU or heat.

    i7 2600k 3.4 over clocked to 4.7
    Corsair 1600MHZ 8 gig ram.
    EVGA 570 GTX over clocked core clock
    853 mem clock 2001
    1155 socket GB UD-5
    2 T HD split in 3 partitions.

    All overclocks are tested and there is no issue with them, besides if I don't do this the FPS is hitting 25 or lower.

    After running into FPS issues I decided to put the settings down taking out shadows and AF.

    Terrain distance=5
    Object distance=101
    Object detail = 84
    Anisotropic filtering= 8
    Shadow map resolution=1
    Texture quality=3
    Ground cluttering density=6
    Ground cluttering radius=98
    Shader complexity=7
    Lighting quality=7
    Particle quantity=250

    AA= Edge Smoothing but I honestly see no difference when I put it off
    Shadows: Environment only if I put it on full I take a 4 FPS hit.


    Port of Scion: FPS between 25-30 even when not every one is around
    Water/air rifts with around 10 people: FPS 25-30
    Raid rifts 20 people: FPS 30ish
    BlackGarden: FPS 32

    Note: The FPS spikes some area's it stays around 60 but others it hits these numbers and drops even lower.

    That is with these settings the fun thing is if I pump them up my FPS is not dropping that much.
    If I drop the settings more my FPS isn't going up much either.

    My GPU usage is between 95%-100% as for the core uses well Rift is hardly optimizing my CPU
    neither does it support 64 bit.

    If any one has some suggestions how to make this game run a bit better I would like to know.
    I can't believe a oke looking game like Rift needs more than my rig to get a decent FPS.
    I can only imagine how bad it will be in raids once there is more stuff going around.
    If this game is outdated at this moment should it not run smooth on a system that is way over the requirement?
    If all what system does it need to get a decent FPS?

    Thanks in advance.
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    My system is a little better than yours but not much. I don't experience anything like that. Here are some tweaks that I do for rift:

    MainTreadCPU = 0 in rift.cfg
    AFx16 in Control Center, 0 in game.
    Reduced ground clutter density to half in game (personal preference, I think it's ugly)
    Single display performance mode in control center
    prefer maximum performance instead of adaptive power management in control center
    0 prerendered frames
    all other settings let application decide.

    Max settings aside from noted above with SSAA enabled and full shadows is around 45-50fps at 1920x1080. I'm using the 267.24 drivers.

    I know you say you have no issues with your PSU - but just making sure... you don't have an Xtreme Gear power supply do you?
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    I am using a Corsair CMPSU-850AXEU 850Watt PSU GOLD.
    I will change what you suggested with the CPU and see.

    About the control centre well I am not able to force anything from that.
    Testing it with putting vsync off in game and force it and no dice the same goes for AA.
    I think when you put AF off in game it just is off and changing it in your control centre has no direct impact.

    The settings are pretty much normal though I have been changing pre rendered frames from 0-3-8 and it does not seem to do much.

    Still if you run on 45-50 FPS with out AF on that is still pretty low for a game of this age imo.

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