Before even installing Rift, I got a new vid card (460 GTX SE) and installed windows 7. Clean install. Game worked great on Ultra since release until a few days ago. Randomly a graphic will not work correctly.

It first started with my characters hair turning gray (from either black or red) and their armor looking as if it's had the contrast maxed. Rebooting usually fixed the issue. The other day a group member zoned into a dungeon and all I could see was their head (it was all other group members could see as well). Another time, a group member told me I had no top on, which I could clearly see I did.

I've been told it's my card (which is up to date on drivers) and I've been told it's game side. My assumption is that if it was my card, I'd see other graphical problems. I have no issues in rifts, cities or other greatly populated areas. Watching shows on netflix cause no issues.

Any suggestions?