I am very upset right now and I'm on the verge of canceling my 6 month subscription. I won't pay to play, when I can't play and the provider doesn't know how to fix the problem they created. Since Trion's patch yesterday I have been unable to advance past the Launcher Screen.

While applying yesterdays patch/hotfix (03/17/11), the game crashed my computer...total blue screen. (I've never had a crash like that). My system recovered, I downloaded the patch, but the button will not convert over to "play" from "update". Clicking update skews the orange bar, but never completes the patch. I have tried the following.

1) Reinstalling the game (per Trions suggestion)
2) Performing a system restore
3) Changing my password
4) Disabling my firewall
5) Virus scans
6) Running system recovery
7) Talking for over an hour with Trion's support staff
8) Collecting and submitting all data requested by Trion

NOTE: Repeating to hit the update button will eventually result in locking me out of my account.

This is a fun game and I'd like to continue playing, but when the creators don't know how to fix it, I have some serious concerns. Further, in all my discussions with Trion, they've never once mentioned crediting me for the lost time. I'm only a few days away from the 6 month start period and if I don't get a solution soon, I'll resume my quest to find another quality MMO.

One very, very, very frustrated customer.