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Thread: Crashing

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    please help. ever since the new patch my computer crashes at least two to three times a day, if not more. and on top of that now it crashes 30 minutes if not sooner into gameplay. i just logged on today and didnt even play for more than my 5 minutes and my computer jus straight crashes. before this patch the game played and ran perfectly fine, no lag or anything of that sort. and i know its not my computer because i can play anyother game including world of warcraft and all the newest games on highest graphics an what not. so i know its definately something to do with rift. if trion cannot solve this issue or at least give me something i can try to stop my computer from crashing im going to quit. because its so annoying will be attacking a rift or be in a warfronts match and my computer just straight turns off. this game is so much fun, better than WoW even, havent even touched this game since ive bought RIFT. i really want to continue playing with out these annoying computer crashes. it would really help me out if anyone had any suggestions i could try. PLEASE HELP ME, ANYONE. i would greatly appreciate it to know if this is because of the new patch, or is it because of running the game on highest graphics. i have talked to other people that run the game on highest graphics and full detail and they dont have the same problem as me. so is it because of the graphics the patch or what? please help me out, throw some suggestions at me that i could try to end this problem and continue rapping at RIFT.hakkaar006@hotmail.com email me if you have any suggestions or solutions to this coninuos problem, please?...

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    try uninstalling and installing again maybE?

    you have the latest graphics driverS?

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