Hi, I seem to be having a similar issue to what a lot of others are having but there seems to be no solution. I am currently using my smartphone (HTC Desire) on USB tethering to access the internet do no recent house move and no internet atm. I have been doing this for over a week and had no problem, downloading patched as well. For the last three days I have been unable to get into the game, I get onto the character selection screen but once I select my character it started loading but fails and I get a "disconnected from server" message and put back to the char select screen. At this point If I try and log back in with a different character I get a message saying the other char is still logged and and this doesnt go away.

Really stuck with this, I don't want to wait till me internet gets installed, I wanna play Rift now like I was before! Any help would be appreciated.