I enjoy playing Rift and most of it is polished enough in my opinion, but there are a couple of things I'm missing (and please add what you guys/gals want);

*Being able to toggle on/off health bars over friendly/enemy players/mobs etc.

*Having the mouseover tooltip show more info, like "General Goods" or "Rogue Trainer". etc. As of now, I have to turn the camera around so I can get a close up view of every NPC so I can make out what they are. And adding titles of players would be nice aswell as what primary soul they have (If infact possbile).

*Having the requirement for gaining another level from a profession lowered. Not the skill-up itself but going from 0-75 to 75-150 etc. Kind of annyoing that you're in the middle of the field, getting that last skill up and then you have to go back into town to upgrade to the next skill up range before continuing, when you actually were in town not 10 minutes ago.

*Showing the item-level of an item/level requirements etc. I know it says so when the item req. is higher than your current level, but I haven't noticed any on gear I'm already wearing.

*A cooldown counter (minutes/seconds) on skills.

*I'm not sure how spell power works since I haven't played a character which uses it, but as a rogue you have Attack Power which boosts some skills. (for example adding 50% of AP to the attack), and I haven't really checked if AP applies to white damage/skills or if they're just flat out what they say they do in damage. But I'd like to see some informative text on the tooltip of skills which says "(+ X-damage)" which would be the extra damage you'd get from Attack Power/Spell Power, that is, if you actually get something extra out of it.

*Being able to track more quests on the main map. The quest tracking on your HUD is fine, but being able to select only 5 quests to track at any given time has made me run past objectives, done the ones I'm tracking, going back to base and then discover that I had 2-3 more quests in the area I just came from.

I've probably forgotten ALOT of small things, but I'm at work and don't have the ability to play the game, so I'll have to wait until I get off

And please contribute.